Pay safely and secure with Visa, American Express or Mastercard. are directly handled by Paypal, our payment service provider, with secure encryption and under strict banking standards. Your credit card details are sent directly to the bank and cannot be read or accessed by any parties other than your bank. Petit Projects does not take out a fee for credit card payments. Your bank may however charge a fee depending on credit card type and bank policy. Terms and conditions are via bank-, credit card payments applicable as soon as the transaction has been approved. In case no payment has been received after the order is placed, the order may automatically be cancelled by Petit Projects.

• All transactions are encrypted for your safety.
• Authorized money is captured by Petit Projects when the goods have been shipped, more information on transactions can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Which currency?

The currency that you shop with is determined by your shipping destination and will be displayed at checkout before completing your purchase. If your local currency is unavailable, your order will be charged in USD for a competitive exchange rate.

使用Visa,American Express或Mastercard可以安全可靠地付款。款項將由我們的支付服務提供商Paypal直接處理,具有安全加密和嚴格的銀行標準。您的信用卡詳細信息將直接發送至銀行,除銀行以外的任何其他方均無法閱讀或訪問。 Petit Projects不收取信用卡付款的費用。但是,根據信用卡類型和銀行政策,您的銀行可能會收取費用。如果訂單下達後未收到任何付款,Petit Projects可自動取消訂單。

•當貨物已經發貨時,Petit Projects會獲得授權資金。




如果您使用借記卡或PayPal付款,Petit Projects將在您的訂單放置在我們的網站上時付款。如果您使用信用卡付款,通常會在您的訂單準備好發貨後進行全額付款,但您的銀行或發卡機構可能會立即在您的帳戶中扣除訂單金額。

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