# A Color is Just A Color #

When did it become a rule that boys can only wear blue? And girls should love pink? Think outside of stereotypes that define children’s attire.

No empty English words,

No Ultraman,
And no Peppa Pig.

We are inspired by the all-time children’s favorite, play dough.

More colors, More collages, More spontaneous.

Petit Projects X Pronounce,

Chinese New Year Collection 2019,
As colorful as childhood.

#Be a Kid and Have Fun #

“We were drinking coffee and having Sichuan food in Shanghai, because Becky is from Chongqing. We came upon the subject of launching a crossover collection and it was intriguing. We have never partnered with a children’s attire brand before, it is like helping a young nephew with arts and crafts homework, extremely fascinating. The inspiration of this collection came from my nephew’s all-time favorite toy, play dough. We replicated the process of children playing with play dough, selecting colors and then piecing them together,” said Zhou Jun, founder of Pronounce, reminiscing on how the collection came to life. “Of course, during the creative process, we retained Pronounce elements while incorporating the carefree essence of the Petit Projects brand, creating a mini Pronounce.” added LI Yushan, Co-Founder of Pronounce.

petit projects X PRONOUNCE



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